I wake up suddenly Unseeing. Hands reach unmoving. Until a jump scare Wakes me up again It’s 3pm and I should be working. A cat purrs then A plastic sheet falls on my face and I’m suffocating and I wake up, suddenly There’s no cat, of course, I’m at uni, I’m late for a lecture, […]


Trees I’d never seen in bloom Now begin to flower. White drops Cluster roundly, saving room For greening leaves to grow. Wind-whipped branches that I knew Cease to sleek above the copse Weighed by pregnant bustles strewn From spire to ground below. From my window every day Lean spindles swayed. Their form Now so altered […]

3/4/19 (Paradise Decluttered)

From daubed paintings on cave walls, to the fruit In still lives doused in sunlight, one can taste The longing for a loved one, or the woe Creation spat on by its fellow man. Enter now a gallery. Take a seat. See blank canvas with red lines at the top. Did I miss the plain-beige […]


I Morning Most sleep then wake then sleep then work Until they die or go berserk Does it make my life all that poor If I just sleep a little more? II Afternoon Low sun in afternoons in May Nostalgia for a childhood day Despite my longing, this implies Now, too, I’ll soon romanticise. III […]


I press a boarded fireplace Take well-bound books off shelves Check under teapots for a trace Of secrecy. For maybe with due diligence Secrets may yield themselves Despite their unabashed absence Thus far in life. Determined to be nothing more Than what it seems. The world’s a bore.


If I were to perish now But linger as a spirit still What kind of ghost would I become Would I stalk empty libraries In spider silk and solely seen Reflected in a late night’s work Or would I die at home, become The first part of its histories For unborn children yet to come […]

The Note

She found the paper unexpectedly In a brief tidy fit While making room for someone else Scrambling belongings haphazardly To be a good hostess. Only later (In the bathroom, to hide it) She pieced together the scraps, confused, And read back Her own thoughts in caricature, now A stranger’s approximation Of what she was supposed […]

When I Saw the Blood

When I first saw the blood, I cried Startled by that layered stain Like grape juice turning into wine It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t time. Earlier, showering, hands on hips, I willed the bone to warp, to yield To my angry sergeant’s whim, stay slim Obediently regimented in Eternal unchildbearing position. Ignoring all sordid temptations […]

I wrote a poem no-one heard

I wrote a poem no-one heard The words Becoming meaningless without observers Without the unrelenting humanness to tell them If they were good or bad Or what they even said The hidden thoughts The hidden feelings Let out in a sudden rush of confession, the relief is Short-lived. They are reassigned to waiting. Nested in […]


The day was late, the sky was thatBarren and oppressive greyYou see in soulless English townsThe colour on the station’s frontAlready muted by the sheer Disinterest of those around.And I was there, not quite a child,But not quite yet the black-shined shoesThat I could see with my head down.Not quite too deaf to hear the […]