I wake up suddenly
Unseeing. Hands reach unmoving. Until a jump scare
Wakes me up again

It’s 3pm and I should be working. A cat purrs then
A plastic sheet falls on my face and I’m suffocating and
I wake up, suddenly

There’s no cat, of course, I’m at uni, I’m late for a lecture, but
I can’t find any clothes and I’m already out the door. The panic
Wakes me up again

I want to reach out to someone, to have them confirm, if I’m awake or
Asleep but I’m still blind and can’t find my phone is it behind the black wall of
I wake up, suddenly

I’m sweaty in bed and I’ve missed the doctor’s appointment that could have explained my
Endless sleeping. I can’t let that happen. I blindly shake or squeeze or fight my head to
Wake me up, again.

I think I’m awake now. You’re here, so I don’t want to risk doing
What I might do in dreams. In the moment before our lips touch
I wake up suddenly, and that
Wakes me up again.

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