When I Saw the Blood

When I first saw the blood, I cried Startled by that layered stain Like grape juice turning into wine It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t time. Earlier, showering, hands on hips, I willed the bone to warp, to yield To my angry sergeant’s whim, stay slim Obediently regimented in Eternal unchildbearing position. Ignoring all sordid temptations […]

I wrote a poem no-one heard

I wrote a poem no-one heard The words Becoming meaningless without observers Without the unrelenting humanness to tell them If they were good or bad Or what they even said The hidden thoughts The hidden feelings Let out in a sudden rush of confession, the relief is Short-lived. They are reassigned to waiting. Nested in […]


The day was late, the sky was thatBarren and oppressive greyYou see in soulless English townsThe colour on the station’s frontAlready muted by the sheer Disinterest of those around.And I was there, not quite a child,But not quite yet the black-shined shoesThat I could see with my head down.Not quite too deaf to hear the […]